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Complete your Sips and Tips Utah® alcohol course with our online course and print your Alcohol Certification card right from your computer!


No need to sit in a classroom for 3 hours. Complete the course in the comfort of your own home or office 24hrs a day 7 days a week.


When you finish you can print your alcohol certification card immediatly - no waiting. We will report you as completing the course to the state within 1 day.


This course is required for all persons who sell, serve, or supervise the sale of alcohol on the premises of licensed estblishments in Utah.


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Utah Alcohol Cerfication and Utah Beverage Server Training



The Sips and Tips Utah® course and Utah Alcohol Certification is an online course approved by the Utah Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health. All perons in Utah who server or sell alcohol, as well as persons who supervise employees who sell or serve alcohol are required by law to complete this training BEFORE employment commences. This course is for on-premise servers only.


Age Requirement: You must be 21 years old to take this course.


Customer Service: call us at 801-386-7943


1. What is alcohol - we all know the term, but what is alcohol? How is it defined by Utah law.

2. Factors influencing the effects of alcohol - alcohol depresses the central nervous system but there are many other outside factors that can make the effects of alcohol on the human body worse.

3. Problem drinkers - learn how to spot alcoholics and cut off service.

4. Utah alcohol laws - specific Utah statutes on the sale and service of alcohohl.

5. Problem customers - learn how to deal with customers that cause the establishment trouble.

6. House rules.

7. Transporting customers home - you are responsible for making sure customers get home safe.


Failure to complete the alcohol certification course can result in the liquor license of an establishment to be revoked or suspended.


Is this course "Sips and Tips Utah" ?


This is an official licensed Sips and Tips Utah® alcohol training course for the State of Utah. Upon completing this Sips and Tips® course, you will be issued your official certification immediately and are legally able to work.




Persons Required to Complete this Course:



Title 62A-15-401 of the Utah Code requires that the following individuals complete the Alcohol Certification Course.


If you fall into any of these categories, you are required by law to complete this course and carry your card with you while on the job.


1. An individual who serves alcoholic beverages to a customer for consumption on the premises of the licensee.


2. An individual who supervises the serving of alcoholic beverages to a customer for consumption on the premises of the licensee.


3. An individual who manages operations at the premises of the licensee engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises of the licensee.



When Must Course Be Completed


The course must be completed BEFORE employment commences.



Failure to Complete Course


The liquor license of an employer who hires an employee who fails to take this course before starting employment will have their liquor license suspended or revoked. In addition, the employer's municipal government may revoke or suspend their business license. (Title 32A-1-401 Utah Code).


Contact Us by telephone at: 801-386-7943.

We can answer questions about the Alcohol Server Training course. We cannot give legal advise or help with other Utah state agency questions. If you have legal questions please consult an attorney or contact the Utah Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health at 120 North 200 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103





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